Classic on the Lake



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The 2022 Classic on the Lake will take place on Saturday, September 24th.

Judging Panel:

Gerry Miller, Jeff Bradford, Phil Alvarado, John Alstrin, Richard Armstrong, Doug Bush (Percussion), Roman Montoya (Colorguard)


Little Elm Athletic Complex (LEAC)
1151 East Eldorado Parkway
Little Elm, Texas 75068


Artificial turf (NEW for 2020). Seating can accommodate 4,500 people on home side and an additional 3,000 people on the visitors side.


Buses and cargo trucks will enter from Eldorado Street. Turn into the stadium south side entrance. Buses should continue around the east side of the stadium where an attendant will direct them where to park. Cargo trucks will park on the north side of the stadium in the fenced area. Parking attendants will be on duty to assist, and guides will meet and direct you to the check-in area.

Director Check-In:

Each band will be met at the check-in table by a contest greeter and guide. The guide will find your band 20 minutes before your warm up time is scheduled and stay with your band until it exits the field of competition. Please give your completed ANNOUNCER’S SHEET to the contest greeter. Alternatively, you may email ( your completed ANNOUNCER’S SHEET to the band office before the day of the contest.

Warm-Up Areas:

Warm-Up areas will be available as indicated on the enclosed map. The band guides will direct each band to the designated area. Each band will have thirty (30) minutes for a warm-up. Bands should not play before entering the warm-up area. Battery may warm-up on heads with the band only at the designated warm-up time. PLEASE NOTE: Bands moving to and from the warm-up area should not use whistles or drum cadences. All bands must face away from the stadium during warm-up. Amplified metronomes needs to face away from the stadium, be kept at a low level, and used only during the musical warm-up time. In order to reduce the length of wait before moving on to the field, moving time from the warm-up area to the stadium has been kept to an absolute minimum. All bands must be ready to move at the time designated on the enclosed schedule. The band guide will notify each director five (5) minutes prior to moving from the warm-up area. There will also be a physical or “body warm-up” area (see attached map). No playing of any kind will be allowed in that area.

Performance Timing:

Bands will have 15 minutes to Set-up, warm up (optional), perform, exit the field, and clear the marching surface (outside the sidelines and/or endlines) of all equipment, instruments and props. When the band is ready, or at the end of the first four minutes (whichever comes first) the announcer will begin reading the official script.


There will be seven adjudicators that will be critiquing each band’s performance:  Music (2), Marching (2), General Effect (1), Auxiliary (1), and Percussion (1). All judges will be in the press box, with the possible exception of the Percussion judge, who may choose to be located on the field.

Entrance and Exit:

Bands (along with all percussion and props) entering the field for competition will use the northwest gate. Upon conclusion of the performance, each band will exit by using the northeast gate, staying as close to the field as possible or on the turf and exit through the end zone. The track is very wide. These directions are indicated on the enclosed map.


All bands completing their performance may sit on the west side (home side) of the stadium only. The east stands will be closed during preliminary competition. Bands may choose to sit in the east stands only after their FINALS competition performance.


Ratings and awards will be announced per the attached schedule. Each band advancing to Finals competition will draw for performance order, immediately following the announcement of finalists.

Competition Suite:

Scoring for the Classic will take place through Competition Suite. Every band director should receive an email stating how to retrieve their scores and judge’s audio comments through that software.  Audio comments will be made available immediately after the performance.  A recap of scores will also be provided in the press box, following the announcement timeline listed on the schedule of bands.

Front Ensemble:

Please have plenty of people to assist. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the turf. All directors, students, and field crew must have a pass in order to enter the field.

Director Passes:           

Each band will receive FIVE passes for Directors. The director passes will give you access to the stadium press box.  The hospitality room, for Director’s only, is located on the second floor of the press box. Bus driver vouchers will be included in your packet.  They are redeemable at the ticket window for a wristband/admission.

Field Passes:

Each band will receive wristbands that will serve as Field Passes for those assisting with equipment on the field.  They will be distributed according to classification:  A & AA = 10 wristbands, AAA = 15 wristbands, AAAA = 20 wristbands. The wristbands are for staff, pit crew or prop crew.  Any other persons wanting to enter the field in any capacity will need to purchase a wristband at the gate.  NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PERFORMANCE FIELD WITHOUT A DIRECTOR’S PASS OR WRISTBAND.  The cost of admission is $10.

Video Pass:

Each band will be given a video pass on a lanyard. This pass will allow one person to access the third level of the press box one slot before your band’s designated performance time. There will be no video provided at the contest, due to copyright issues.


Admission to the Classic on the Lake is $10. Children under 3 years of age are free. There is no charge for parking. Programs are complimentary.


The need for good concert etiquette at all festivals is readily apparent. Students should not move in the stands while a band is performing on the field. Instruments should not be played except in the warm-up area and in performance.

Restroom Facilities:

Restrooms are available in the concession stand area on the visitors side of the stadium.


Band members should be in uniform when arriving at the contest. No dressing facilities, other than restrooms, will be provided. Restrooms will be available underneath the east (visitors) stands for changing clothes.

Concession Stands:

Concession stands on the west side will be open to serve food and drinks. There will be no outside vendors allowed to bring food into the stadium the day of the contest. You may take your bands to Chavez Elementary, Little Elm High School or Little Elm Park and have vendors deliver food there. All outside vendors will be turned away at the entrances.

Instrument Repair:

An instrument repairman will be available during the contest.